Accountancy Services

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

If you are in a muddle with your returns, then don’t worry because we will undertake the whole exercise on your behalf. However, if you prefer to complete your tax return yourself, then we will be happy to check this for you to ensure that it has been completed correctly (thus avoiding potential disputes with the IR). Either way, we will run through a check list with to you to ensure that you have taken full advantage of available tax breaks, for both the immediate and the longer term.

NB: If your tax return for financial year 10/11 is not filed on time then you will automatically incur a penalty charge from the Inland Revenue, even if you do not owe any tax.

Online Accounting

For clients wishing to take advantage of our fully secure online accounting system, once your accounts have been prepared, we will input this information onto our online system so that, from then onwards, you will be able to add your accounting data onto our system as you go. This will minimise the effort and time required to prepare future tax returns, whilst also providing you with the peace of mind, and convenience, of having accurate, up to date, and readily accessible accounts at any point in time.

Our online accounting system is accessible to our clients 24/7.

Costing Service

Our costing service essentially involves conducting a review of the full range of a business’s outgoings and operations in order to identify precisely where costs can be minimised. Increasingly, such exercises are essential for maintaining  healthy levels of profit, yet identifying potential cost savings is not necessarily a straight forward exercise as this often entails thinking both analytically and creatively, or ‘out of the box’. If there are cost savings to be had within your business, we have the expertise to identify them quickly.

Our costing service, if required, can also incorporate a product sourcing exercise, to locate the products or materials that your business requires, at the lowest possible cost (see details of our ‘Product Sourcing’ service). Additionally, we can also incorporate a review of your business’s processes with a view to highlighting potential efficiency gains (see under Business process review).

NB: All accountancy services are provided through Chapman and Carter Accountants, with whom First Business services has a strategic partnership. First Business Services performs a coordinating role for Chapman and Carter Accountants, therefore if you are interested in any of the above services then please speak to us in the first instance and we will ascertain your accountancy requirements and, if required, schedule a meeting or telephone appointment with one of the accountants.