Copywriting & Editing Services

Web Site Content

If required, First Business Services will produce written content for your website entirely from scratch. By gaining a full understanding of the nature of your business, we will produce content that focuses on your business’s particular strengths and on precisely how it stands out from the competition.

As well as providing an effective portrayal of your business, our web text service also serves as an important component of ‘search engine optimisation’ (maximising your search engine and google ranking). We will incorporate into the headings and text of your website the words and phrases most likely to correspond with those search phrases used by your target market, thereby guiding them straight to you.

Web Page Editing 

No matter how good a website looks at first glance, it is clear that poorly written content will form a negative impression on its audience, thus undermining the credibility of a business. So, if your website is one of your main marketing tools then it is vital to the success of your business to ensure that it conveys an image of professionalism and competence.

First Business Services will amend the written content of your website to ensure that it is easy to understand, well-structured and, of course, free of any spelling or grammatical errors. Where required, we will also sharpen up your messages to enhance their impact upon your audience.

Marketing Text

First Business Services can help you to get across to your prospective customers exactly what you wish to express in terms of the benefits your services or products offer; highlighting precisely where you have the edge over your competitors. This service is ideal for producing flyers, leaflets, sales letters etc.

Documents and Reports

Any written materials that you produce for your customers, or your staff, such as product instructions, reports, transactional documents etc. will serve as an important indicator to the reader about your professionalism and of your authority within your field.

First Business Services will produce the documents that you require to a highly professional standard; ensuring that your information is clearly explained and structured in a manner that best meets the needs of the user. Some examples of the written materials that we can produce include: product instructions; manuals; policy and procedural guidance; training materials.

Business Letters and Communications

First Business Services will explain your position, or argument, clearly and effectively, whilst ensuring that all of the pertinent points of your case are emphasised and presented to your very best advantage.